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Significant Changes To The Rules Of Golf Coming In 2019!

In 2012, both the United States Golf Association (USGA) and the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews (R&A), as the primary international oversight bodies responsible for the sport of golf and its rules, began a sweeping golf modernization initiative. The focus of the initiative has been to “…help golfers everywhere by revising many Rule procedures and outcomes for better consistency, simplicity and fairness and, overall, by bringing the Rules up to date to meet the changing needs of the global game. Although simplicity is important, it is only one of several considerations that need to be balanced in providing the best set of Rules for the game.”

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Complimentary Transportation Is Available To And From Your Walt Disney World® Resort Hotel And The Golf Courses

One of the great benefits of staying at a Walt Disney World® Resort owned and operated hotel, is that complimentary taxi transportation is available to and from your hotel and each of the golf courses. That even includes the gratuity for the taxi driver!

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Walt Disney World® Golf Is Offering A Series of Four Winter 2018 Junior Golf Club Sessions

Have a junior golfer looking to develop and improve their golf skills?

We are pleased to be offering a series of four weekly Junior Golf Camps in the early winter season of 2018.

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Swinging Mickey Inspired Silipints Are Now Available In Our Pro Shops

Silipints! They are nearly indestructible, silicone based, pint sized (16 ounce) cups. They have been popular for almost 10 years and are now available in our pro shops for purchase.

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Take Advantage Of The Convenience And Low Costs Of Using Ship Sticks™ To Ship Your Golf Clubs To And From The Walt Disney World® Golf Courses

For several years, Walt Disney World® Golf, operated by Arnold Palmer Golf Management, has partnered with Ship Sticks to offer you convenient low cost services to ship your golf clubs to and from the Walt Disney World® Golf courses.

With ground-based services for as low as $39.99 each way, Ship Sticks will pick up your golf clubs at your home or office and deliver them to one of our golf courses, with on-time guarantees, ready for you to play. They provide 24/7 tracking services, including e-mail notifications, so that you know exactly where your clubs are located at all times during the shipping process, along with an initial $1,000 of insurance coverage included in the price, just in case.

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Don’t Have Time For A Full Round Of 18 Holes? Play 9 After Sunrise Or Before Sunset With Walt Disney World® Golf's Promotions!

We recognize that life can get busy and that you may not have several hours to play a full round of 18 holes.

Over the past several years, Walt Disney World® Golf, operated by Arnold Palmer Golf Management, did something unique for resort-based, 18-hole golf courses. We introduced our Sunrise 9 and Sunset 9 promotions, to provide you with opportunities to get out and play a half-round of golf either early or late in the day, as your schedule allows.

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Arnold Palmer Golf Management operates Walt Disney World® Golf courses in the true spirit of Arnold Palmer – with pride, consideration and honor. Our team works diligently to create great club and golf experiences for every member, and every guest, every day.