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Disney's Magnolia Golf Course Practice Range Features High-Quality FiberBuilt Golf Mats

Did you know that Disney's Magnolia Golf Course features FiberBuilt mats at the driving range?

These mats replace the traditional thin, firm mats and are at the rear of the range hitting area. These mats are utilized during inclement weather conditions and beginning at 1 pm each day. Prior to 1 pm, the natural grass area of the range will be in use for practice.

The goal of the FiberBuilt mats is to provide a realistic practice and pre-round warm up experience for our Guests, while allowing us to enhance the conditions of the natural grass range area through reduced use. The mats are configured for right and left-handed golfers and feature adjustable tees.

Unlike standard practice mats, which typically have a very hard, relatively thin surface, where you have to alter your swing motion to "pick" the ball off the mat with irons and wedges, the FiberBuilt grass-like material will allow you to actually hit down on the balls and use a normal swing motion.

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We invite you to check out these great range mats and look forward to welcoming you to the "Happiest Place on TURF!"