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Walt Disney World® Golf and USGA Alliances

The United States Golf Association Announces New Alliances With Regional Golf Associations

The United States Golf Association (USGA) announced on January 10, 2018, that it has entered into new relationships with fifty-nine regional golf associations.

The intent of the new alliance is to "enhance the golfer experience at the state and local levels in the United States." These Allied Golf Associations (AGAs) will be supported by the USGA's existing regional affairs offices to administer the USGA Handicap and Course Rating Systems in each region.

"Regional golf associations are the lifeblood of the golf community and the USGA," said Mike Davis, USGA CEO. "We felt that now was the best time to formalize this new alliance, in the spirit of working together on grassroots programs, improving how we serve golfers and providing a healthy foundation from which the entire golf community can grow."

The new alliance will enable the AGAs to better support a variety of competitive playing opportunities, to engage more golfers at all skill levels within their region. The AGAs will also serve as local experts on golf education, will facilitate access to modernized and centralized handicapping services and other governance functions.

The AGAs will also have access to USGA research, funding for various programs and support for national "Grow-The-Game" initiatives, such as the USGA's Play 9 program. Walt Disney World® Golf, operated by Arnold Palmer Golf Management, supports the Play 9 program via our Sunrise 9 and Sunset 9 programs.

This is an exciting development for the game of golf as our national organization continues to engage more directly with local and regional golf communities to improve and grow the game!

We look forward to welcoming you to the "Happiest Place on TURF!" and experience the Magic of Walt Disney World® Golf!