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Enhancements to Both Regular Golf and FootGolf at Disney’s Oak Trail Golf Course

With the re-opening of Disney's Oak Trail golf course on August 18, 2018, after a multi-week project to replace all nine regular golf greens and to introduce a new Mickey shaped bunker, we are also introducing new FootGolf course changes and tee time schedules, to better enable both our regular golf guests and our FootGolf guests to enjoy the course.

After receiving an abundance of great feedback from our guests since introducing FootGolf at Disney's Oak Trail golf course earlier this year, we recognized the opportunity to further improve our guest experience for both types of play.

Thus, we have implemented two major changes:

  • The original 18-hole FootGolf course, will now be played as a 9-hole course, with the initial hole available as a practice hole (a total of 10 FootGolf holes). This will enable our FootGolf players to reduce the time it takes to play a round, as many of our FootGolf players, especially families, told us that a full round of 18 holes was too much. We will maintain the original 18-hole FootGolf course for sanctioned, competitive and certain FootGolf fundraising events. For those FootGolf players who wish to play 18 holes, you will be able to play a second round of 9 holes at no additional cost, based upon availability, upon the same 9 holes as your initial round.
  • We are adjusting the tee times for both traditional golf and FootGolf, to reduce the amount of overlapping play between the two sports. FootGolf will now be offered on Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays only, with traditional golf tee times will begin at 7:00 am and will run until 2:00 pm each day. FootGolf tee times will begin at 3:20 pm and will run until before dusk. By doing this, traditional golfers should be close to finishing up their round by the time FootGolf players are making their way out onto the course. Tee times will be adjusted seasonally, to consider the changing sunrise and sunset times during the year.


We will continue our work to enhance the experience for both our traditional golfers and FootGolf guests in the future, and as always, we look forward to welcoming you to the "Happiest Place on TURF!"