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Walt Disney World® Golf Create a Magical Moment For You

Walt Disney World® Golf, operated by Arnold Palmer Golf Management, is pleased to announce that we are expanding our Magical Moment experience to Disney’s Magnolia golf course. We have conducted this special moment at Disney’s Lake Buena Vista golf course for many years, and are excited to now offer more of our Guests the chance to experience this exciting opportunity.

Each morning, Guests from one of the first groups off the tee are chosen at random to participate. They will be greeted by one of Walt Disney World® Golf’s PGA of America Professionals and a player assistant, and will then be escorted to the 18th green.

Waiting at the 18th green will be our course Superintendent and his crew to greet our special Guests. Our Guests will then be asked to select the pin position for the day. Once the location is selected, our course Superintendent will take a few minutes to describe some of our standard course maintenance practices, while our Cast Member cuts the pin position into the green’s surface and the flag is placed in the cup.

In addition, our Guests will receive a custom yardage book for the course, photographs of their special experience and a personalized certificate for their help.

At the end of their round, our Guests will again be greeted by the player assistant, who will escort the group to our On The Green Grill for a complimentary post-round beverage of their choosing.

We look forward to welcoming you to the “Happiest Place on TURF!” and hope that you will be the next lucky Guest to be selected to experience a Magical Moment!