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Combine A Round of Golf at Disney’s Lake Buena Vista Golf Course With Dinner and Entertainment at Disney Springs®. Pure Magic!

One of the benefits that many of our Guests take advantage of when playing golf at Disney’s Lake Buena Vista Golf Course is the proximity to Disney Springs®, which is accessible by complimentary boat service, to easily get to and from the golf course.

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Walt Disney World® Golf Acknowledges National Golf Day 2019

Walt Disney World® Golf is pleased to recognize National Golf Day 2019, a major initiative to increase the visibility of golf and to grow participation in the game.

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Guests Staying at Disney Resort Hotels and other Walt Disney World Hotels Can Take Advantage of Specific Perks When Playing at Walt Disney World® Golf

Did you know that Guests staying at Disney Resort hotels and other Walt Disney World hotels gain access to several perks when playing at Walt Disney World® Golf?

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Take Advantage of Walt Disney World® Golf’s Disney Character-Themed Four-Seater Golf Carts For Family Use

Walt Disney World® Golf have introduced Disney character-themed four-seater golf carts for use by families playing at our courses.

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You’re Invited To Experience the Magic of Walt Disney World® Golf Instruction

We believe that golf instruction is not just about addressing the purely technical aspects of your swing or putting stroke.

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Walt Disney World® Golf Is Offering A Series of Week-Long Summer 2019 Junior Golf Camps

Have a junior golfer looking to develop and improve their golf skills?

We are pleased to be offering a series of week-long Junior Golf Camps in the summer of 2019.

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Arnold Palmer Golf Management operates Walt Disney World® Golf courses in the true spirit of Arnold Palmer – with pride, consideration and honor. Our team works diligently to create great club and golf experiences for every member, and every guest, every day.