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Walt Disney World® Golf is pleased to continue to offer our Park and Play Program, which invites our Guests to book a tee time online, pay in advance via our website, and show up to a pre-positioned sanitized golf cart ready for your use.

This program is available at each of our golf courses, and we invite you to take advantage of this option when you play with us! The Park and Play program provides golfers with the confidence that they can drive to the course, park their cars, get on to the 1st Tee, through their round, and back to the parking lot in as safe an environment as possible.

We have implemented the following protocols for the well-being of all of our guests and staff:

  • You can pre-pay for your round of golf online by booking your tee time via this website. This will allow you to expedite the check-in process upon arrival at the golf pro shop
  • All purchases should be via a Credit/Debit card or Apple Pay, as Cash is not being accepted at this time
  • Your golf car and accompanying accessories have been cleaned and sanitized prior to your arrival 
  • Addition of sanitizing stations throughout the facilities at key locations
  • staff training on hygiene, sanitation and food handling to learn about prevention and control over the spread of infection.

While our facilities have been open and available for play throughout the pandemic, those who haven’t visited us in quite some time will experience a variety of policies and procedures that have recently been updated and enhanced. Please click here for more detailed information on the adjustments that you will experience the next time you visit.

Thank you for your support and adherence to these protocols, your assistance will help us to continue to offer a healthy and safe experience for all!

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