Walt Disney World® Golf Has Titleist® Pro V1 Practice Golf Balls Now Available!

Walt Disney World® Golf is now offering Titleist® Pro V1 Practice golf balls at an exceptional value. Regularly offered for $64.95 per dozen, these Practice Pro V1 balls are now available at only $29.95 plus tax!

You might be asking, “What are Practice golf balls?” These are golf balls that the manufacturer has identified as having cosmetic blemishes on the outside, typically involving the paint and/or ink for the stamped images, text or logos. These balls do not differ in construction, quality or performance from the regular Pro V1 golf balls.

Unlike so-called “X-Out” golf balls, which can have manufacturing deficiencies, including scratches, scuffs and other deformities, and therefore may be “non-conforming” under USGA equipment rules, these Practice golf balls are considered “conforming”, thus can be used for regular play, tournament play, and even in sanctioned events.

Stop by our pro shops to take advantage of the availability of these premium golf balls at an incredible value!

If you cannot stop by the shops, please visit our Walt Disney World® Golf Merchandise page for contact details, and we would be happy to provide additional information to you.

We look forward to welcoming you to the "Happiest Place on TURF!"