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Walt Disney World® Golf Player’s Club 2020... You Spoke, We Listened!

In 2013, Walt Disney World® Golf created the Player’s Club membership program to recognize your passion for the game, and to provide the means for players, of all skills, to have frequent and easy access to our world class golf course facilities, and our PGA instructional staff. The program has been incredibly successful, and our membership has greatly expanded, in both participation and benefits in the years since.

We have frequently requested members feedback, to update and improve the benefits that are included, therefore, enhancing the value that the program provides. One of the very frequent comments that we have received in the recent past, is the desire to create a tiered membership program, to allow for more flexibility in the costs of the program, along with an incremental set of benefits that would be provided at each cost level.

To that end, beginning on January 4, 2020, we will be introducing a new, three-tier membership program. Rest assured, that for all current members who are on pre-paid or seasonal membership plan, purchased prior to the end of 2019, we will be honoring your current membership benefits through the end of your term.

The new tiers will be structured as follows, with each higher tier, including all of the inherent benefits of the level(s) below it:

  • Silver Membership - Monthly payment plan priced at $29, or pre-paid at $319 per year with one month free:
  • Standard Player’s Club Access Times (PM) with four (4) days advanced reservations; use of the practice facilities including one (1) large bucket of range balls per day; complimentary instructional clinics held 5 days a week, Tuesday through Saturday; 20% discount on food and soft drinks; 15% discount on regularly priced merchandise; and a discount on all additional large buckets of range balls priced at $5 each.

  • Gold Membership - Monthly payment plan priced at $39, or pre-paid at $429 per year with one month free:
  • Includes all the benefits of the Silver Membership, plus: Walk up availability within 15-45 minutes of open tee times; bonus Player’s Club Access Times at special rates (AM and early PM) with four (4) days advanced reservations; one (1) additional large bucket of range balls per day - a (total of two (2) -); two (2) complimentary clinic guest passes per month; and a $5 discount on all Player’s Club Events.

  • Platinum Membership - Monthly payment plan priced at $69, or pre-paid at $759 per year with one month free:
  • Includes all of the benefits of the Gold Membership, plus: unlimited buckets of range balls per day; an additional two (2) - a (total of four (4) - complimentary clinic guest passes per month; three (3) guest rounds per month at your same rate; and complimentary play at Disney’s Oak Trail Golf Course after 12:00pm, seven (7) days a week.

The Silver membership level is priced at the same cost that the Player’s Club began with back in 2013, and provides a value tier of a core set of benefits that many of our members have expressed that they would prefer, and where other included benefits were typically not being utilized.

The Gold membership level provides an incremental set of additional benefits, that many of our members have requested, with discounted tee times earlier in the day, including weekends, as well as walk-up tee time access for just the cost of a cart rental fee.

The Platinum membership level represents a premium level of membership for those members who have requested a broad set of benefits, including more guest benefits for friends and clients, and are willing to bear the increased cost associated with them.

Please note, that as the new Gold membership level most closely follows the set of benefits provided under the Player’s Club program at present, all current monthly payment plan members will automatically be assigned to the Gold membership level, at the new cost of $39 per month.

To facilitate better and more focused communications for our Player’s Club members, we would also like to introduce you to Allie Bogar, who recently joined the Walt Disney World® Golf team, as our Player’s Club Ambassador. You can contact Allie by e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or via phone at (407) 454-5087. Please feel free to contact Allie with any questions or concerns you may have with respect to membership moving forward.

We recognize that not all current members may wish to keep their membership at the Gold level given the incremental cost and may want to move to the Silver level. Others may wish to upgrade to the Platinum level to take advantage of the additional benefits. As a result, we kindly ask that you contact us by the end of the day on January 3, 2020 to let us know your intentions with respect to your membership level. Please contact Allie, or stop by one of our pro shops to complete a membership update form.

To our current, loyal Player’s Club members, we say thank you! for your continued participation and commitment to Walt Disney World® Golf.

For those of you who have previously or may now be considering a Player’s Club membership, we invite you to contact us and/or visit our dedicated membership web page at to review more information. We will also continue to offer seasonal membership opportunities for those guests who only reside here in the Orlando area for a portion of each year.

We believe that you will find substantial value in the Player’s Club program, with even more options to join us in 2020! We look forward to welcoming you to the "Happiest Place on TURF!" and continuing to bring you the high-quality golfing experience you have come to expect from us.